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Both Velinda and Melanie credit cabinetmakers as the unsung heroes of kitchen design. Says Melanie, x201CCabinet teams have years of experience in all of the workarounds. I like to present my idea and see if they can make : it workx201Dx2014like figuring out how to fill 6 useless inches of space on , a short wall next to a range. After brainstorming during a recent remodel, a narrow pull-out spice rack became the answer. To help you reach your ideal kitchen without the drama, we've compiled this handy guide to some common kitchen-remodeling disasters and offer expert strategies for steering clear of them. For each major phase of the job — hiring, planning, budgeting, and living through it — we've got an easy plan to follow. 2. The zone approach: Before you settle on a layout, map out the prevalent traffic patterns in the room: for instance, from fridge to sink to stove toaster to coffeemaker to computer desk homework station to fridge to back door. Then set up distinct areas, or "zones," for each set of activities. For convenience and safety, try to keep zones from overlapping — the refrigerator, for instance, should be at the outer corner of the cooking zone so that kids can access it without having to pass near the kitchen remodelSuzana Natola, creator of the “My Farmhouse-ish” blog, and her husband Nathan Natola, took on the huge task of remodeling their kitchen on their own. In just about one month, the two of them worked together and completed , this DIY remodel. Immediately you notice the fresh white cabinets and island, but believe it or not, , these are the old cherry wood ones, just repainted and reworked. When taking on this project, “budget, design and labor” were the three most important consideration factors, said Suzana. Designer Sara Story and her sister, Lisa, share a laugh in Lisa's much-improved Connecticut kitchen. Elevating your kitchen is a great way to upgrade your living conditions. Let the best people handle all the services to fully enjoy the benefits of upgrading your kitchen talk to us.typical cost to renovate a kitchenMonmouth countywallmanasquanbrielleseagirtspring lakespring lake heightslake comobelmaravan-by-the seabradly beachasbury parkallenhursttintin fallscoltsneckdeal Setting your budget for your kitchen project will require some , research. It will take some effort to find what materials, finishes, brands and features you will need for your kitchen that are available within your budget. You can do this by going to showrooms, checking on the magazines, visiting trade shows, and doing online research for resources. Have a wish list then afterwards you can convert it as a reality list as it will already consist of the price tags for each item you want. The first step is to make a clear, prioritized list of must-haves and nice-to-haves. Next, you should think about your wishes for appliance quality, quality of materials and fixtures, and overall finish level. Explore scaling back the biggest budget items: footprint changes, changes to wiring/plumbing/gas, custom cabinetry, and millwork, high-end appliances. Your Sweeten general contractor may help find creative solutions—like Ikea cabinets with a similar look to the custom ones you were considering, or ways to accomplish your goals without moving walls. Sweeten recommends setting aside a 10% contingency budget, so you won’t have to worry about unwelcome surprises."""""""""



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