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Create Ocean Serving Board with Epoxy Resin

Material used:

You may purchase this serving board here

We use acrylic ink to colour resin since acrylic ink is concentrated whereas the normal acrylic is not concentrated and has a lot of water included which if combined with resin makes the final result bumpy. For creating this board we used Titanium White from Amsterdam Acrylic Ink and Muted Turquoise from Liquitex Acrylic Ink.

Below is a time lapse of how we created an ocean serving board with resin and the final result. Please comment and let us know what you think of it or ask your questions about the process.


  1. Tape around the serving board to create a border for where you like your ocean to be

  2. Measure equal parts of epoxy resin and hardner (some brands have different mixing ratios so be careful)

  3. Mix the two for about 2 minutes (again, check your brand for the mixing time)

  4. Divide your mix into 4 cups (or if you want more shades and more colours, you may divide into more parts)

  5. Add a few drops of the muted teal ink into the first cup

  6. Add a few drops of the white ink to the second cup

  7. Add a few drops of both white and teal to the third cup to create a lighter teal shade

  8. Leave the fourth cup as is with no colour

  9. Start from the top of your board and pour your darkest shade and make sure you cover all areas equally

  10. Pour your next lighter shade and then add the mix with no colour to create some clear water effect

  11. Finish by adding the white mix as narrow lines in a few places at the end of your work to create shores that end in the sane (which is your serving board)

  12. Use heat gun or straw to blow the white lines to create bubble like effect for the shore

  13. Use your torch to remove any bubbles from the resin mix

  14. Cover your work to avoid dust particles onto your work to create a smooth surface

  15. Remove the tape after a few hours. If you leave the tape for too long it would be much harder to remove it when the epoxy mix is hardened.

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